Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's The Journey....

Seeing Rwanda is not a holiday, it's a travelling experience.

Standing up on the seats of our 4x4, heads poking out of the roof, hair blowing in the wind, Rwanda passes by our eyes. Across the movie screen flows some of what must be the most incongruous scenery in Africa. Arguably, these images would be more at home on the slopes of Bali or the mountains of Swizerland...

Soon after leaving Kigali, an artist’s landscape of green terraces began to open up.

No space is left uncultivated.

Known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’, the whole of West and Central Rwanda is dissected by dramatically steep mountains interspersed with stunning blue lakes.

Once a landscape of montane rainforest, tea plantations and banana trees now dominate although a huge tract of this ancient forest is preserved in the Nyungwe Forest National Park.

We arrive at Kibuye, a small port on the edge of Lake Kivu. It is serene and beautiful. We have a late meal and go to bed.

The images experienced en route stick richly in my mind.

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  1. What great pics and comments. Your images help me to see the world from different viewpoints. There has been so much pain Rwanda, and I have seen so many painful images that to see these leads me to believe there might be hope for recovery. I trust it is not a false hope. thanks you.